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Tackling bullying

After the death of teenager Amanda Todd, what can be done to deal with the growing problem of bullying in our communities?

  • How can we. possibly make a difference when there are no consequences for the bullies. My teen was. bullied both online & in person, we took the copies of all messages & facebook posts to the local RCMP.......they said "we will go talk to him. This traumatized my teen & the 30+ year old man. walked around like the King of his own castle.
  • The example set in society is the root of the problem. Politicians bully. Unions bully to extort what they want. Teachers a perfect example. Look at tweets on U.S. election debates, they are brutal. Same in BC. Christy Clark was champion for anti-bullying, and as premier she tries to bully Alberta. Everywhere you look people are bullying. Great example for the next generation. Just say no is not enough, we need a deep down change in giving other people respect. Only place we need more bullies is the judges in our courts.
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